11 abril 2010

If you own one of this external hard drives you should know by now that it's not compatible with your nintendo wii (It gives you lots of errors once you plug it and start the homebrew channel), TV, or any other multimedia device. That's becouse those devices are compatible only with standard drives and the TOSHIBA PH3100U-EXB is not. In fact, once you plug it to your PC you will see a virtual CD drive that you can't delete no matter how many tools you try. This virtual CD drive is the responsible for all your problems.

To solve this problem you need to turn your drive into a standard external hard disk drive, remove all the trash that came pre installed and then you'll be able to use it as you wish.
[WARNING: The next procedure will delete all your data in your external hard disk drive so make a backup before trying anything]

You'll also need to know:

  • How to remove and create partitions by using the windows disk manager
  • How to format partitions by using windows
  • What's FAT, FAT32, NTFS y WBFS?
  • If you want to use your drive to run your wii games from it then you need to know something about Homebrew, WiiScene, USB loaders, etc.
To turn your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) into a Stardard HDD you need to:
  1. Download this tool: Toshiba Drive Converter
  2. Plog in the HDD to your PC and turn it on, wait 'till you can see your HDD in your PC
  3. Run the Toshiba Drive Converter and click OK at every question.
  4. One the Toshiba Drive Converter has finished converting your drive delete all the partitions at your HDD and then create the ones you need and format it depending on your needs (if you need one for your wii then don't format that partition) If you're planning on using your HDD on your TV os some other device then use a FAT32 format since some devices can't read other formats such as NTFS
  5. You're done!, now your HDD can be used with any device even if it was not compatible before.
[NOTA: Follow all and every step or you may loose your eSATA connection]

I hope this post helps you to solve your problems with this HDD... C'ya :)

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